Region: Gothenburg, Sweden – Europe

Talented Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Jonasson can already bolster that his first single took the world by storm as it accumulates plays in spotify that are near the millions and not only that but it was played in hit tv show The Vampire Diaries. Now he comes with his second single and it does not falter to the hype of the first, it comes strong with it’s own unique spirit and beauty about it. Erik mixes his folk melodies with a nicely played guitar riff and always being guided by the magical storytelling behind his voice.

This young singer is readying himself to truly conquer the world as not only does he showcase emotional and honest lyrics sang in a beautiful voice that caresses all who listen but he has ensure us that lighting does strike twice when it comes to him. Who know, maybe even three, four or more times with him? Thinking about this, I am hoping for a full album on 2017.

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