Song to listen

Artist: Eyelid Kid

Song: Fortify

Region: Austin, Texas – North America

Texas needed to be represented soon on Wolf in a Suit and there is not a better act to showcase some Texan talent than Eyelid Kid – a solo project turned indie electro-pop group that is taking Austin by storm and soon they will invading your city. With beats and melodies that fuse the world of electronica and pop in a way that the created sound is simply so unison and so haunting to the listener. “Fortify” is the latest single from their recently released self-produced album, ‘Hometown’.

They have made it their task to ensure their music is a full blow cinematic experience that transcends the soundscape they set forth in their tracks. Their shows mix the music with live dance and movements with glow paint and laser lights making for one thrilling visual experience. As the voice bounces softly through the beats and the melodies you can picture the colors, the movement and the scenery they will bring to you if you are lucky enough to see them live.

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