“Rise & Fall” by Chris Jewell

Fun music video showcasing all the many faces of Chris Jewell and not only that but the track shows the various sources of inspiration in the singer ( from the folk touches, that pop your ears need and of course the fast paced singing that reminds us of the magical Jason Mraz). It’s strange how such a upbeat mix of sounds can showcase heartbreak so beautifully – it must be a special gift he has.

With a mix of mature songwriting and youthful melodies, this talented singer/songwriter is able to create a truly enchanting soundscape. While the story is sad and never easy to tell, through his tuned he picks you up and invites you to move forward. This track was an excellent choice for a lead single from his ‘Rise and Fall’ EP. 2016 you are ending on a high note and this talented London based singer/songwriter is one of the few to blame.

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