“Give in” by High Violet

Starting as a collaboration between the band and film and screen students at Flinders University in Adelaide (an initiative curated by Music SA) it has become one mesmerizing video that evokes the spirit of the track with touches of the band’s dark pop and influenced by a certain 80’s inspired modern day cult film. Young Sydney band High Violet has done something that should be applauded, as they shared and mixed their talent with film student, Catherine Francis camera work – they have not only given somebody a glimpse into the word they aim to be a part of but also been able to showcase their vision and made the soundscape of “Give in” a hypnotizing visual trip. The music video is simple but direct and with just the right mix of visual and musical creativity. Enjoy and let the band take you through the world of this marvelous indie pop track.

[su_quote cite=”Emily Retsas (Bassist) on the motivation and creative process behind shooting the music video”]I had just watched the film “Drive” while in Los Angeles and loved the colour palette they used to convey a contemporary 80s throwback film in that setting. We often draw influence from that era, so I really wanted to experiment with a simple concept, and combine that style into the video.[/su_quote]

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