Indie Rock Mixtape 3

Artist: The Second Howl

Song: Hundred Dollar Bills

Why? Singer Natasha Jeanne and guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist Alex Darren are The Second Howl, a perfect mix of punk rock and pop melodies that provide the right home for Natasha’s voice to reach out from the melodies and pull us into “Hundred Dollar Bills” – her voice has always been one of my favorites ( she is formerly JD Natasha) and listening to her as she controls a soundscape that feels like home is mesmerizing for she simply leaves me in awe with the power and sensibility that she can blend together with her voice as Alex makes for one crazy and electric space that is just perfect punk rock.

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Artist: StuntPlane

Song: Sounds like you

Why? A nice mix of pop and rock sounds all connected with natural free flowing vocals that glide softly through the notes of the track – Edward Fletcher aka StuntPlane brings a chorus that is simply amazing and he is the right guide as the guitar flows constantly in that constant sweet melody accompanied by the drums that give the track a certain unique something.

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Artist: Til we have faces

Song: The Leaves

Why? Ethereal,surreal and dreamy pop/rock that serves as the right home for the story that the lyrics create softly with the guidance of that hauntingly old soul voice – “The leaves” is simply a must listen track that will slow down your heartbeat and relax you from the hustle and bustle of the everyday madness that is life while creating a unique and touching soundscape.

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Artist: Spritely

Song: A little bit broken

Why? The track might be titled “A little bit broken” but this talented band lead by singer/songwriter Jillian Lavin is a complete marvel as this song transcends the barriers of genre, of senses and any generational gap as she sings beautifully about an everyday feeling in society with a voice that will touch your soul as she walks slowly yet with that hypnotic charm that only she can have through the tunes the band set forth to become her home- listen to this track and become enchanted by the magic that is Spritely.

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Artist: Desert Planes

Song: Together Apart

Why? British Indie rock duo Desert Planes (singer/guitarist Tom Farrer and drummer Ben Niblett) are the owners of a sound so unique, so impossible to pinpoint to an era as I think this is a must listen in any period of modern human history – they mix the old school quality with the modern day experimental nature throwing their spirits and stories in the mix that can only create an indie rock beauty, a gem of soundscape that it’s simply a marvel to listen.

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Artist: Go Suburban

Song: Time #2 (Izzy’s Song)

Why? A song that touches something deep in us as it reveals our mortality and how ephemeral life can, but puts in mind the fact that what truly matters is what you do with that sweet moment that we call life – written for the sister in law of the lead singer (who sadly passed away due to cancer), this track blends together two short poems of her writing and tied together with a stanza of his own creation it haunts us as it touches our soul and makes us listen to the story behind the lyrics.

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Artist: The Lipstick Junkies

Song: New Friends

Why? With a bass line to dream for and a nice mix of funk with rock all tied together with a male leading voice that is beautifully complimented by the female backup vocals, this Toronto based band have created lighting in a bottle – The Lipstick Junkies and their track “New Friends” make a fun, funky and free-spirited melody that makes it easy to enjoy life as you listen to this marvel of track and you let yourself go with the flow and dance through the tones of that magnetic bass.

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Artist: Fan Girl

Song: NoLita

Why? Australian caffeine filled indie rock goodness, think of that cappuccino, actually make that a double shot espresso of musical beauty that will pick you and scream right in your face as it fills you with an animal like energy – Noah’s voice has a special feel about it that it can bounce naturally from electric and filled with swagger to ethereal and peaceful in the blink of an eye making “NoLita” not only a unique track but also a surreal and enchanting soundscape filled with the crazy spirit of Fan Girl.

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Artist: Night Talks

Song: Mr. Bloom

Why? Soft Alternative rock lead by a hauntingly beautiful and talented female vocalist who reminds us of the old school rock queens of the good old rock days – with trippy acid like visuals that reminds of the music and spirit of the 60’s as Soraya let’s the music created by the band take over every inch of her while she dances to the melody of “Mr. Bloom” and her voice charms us into diving deep in the soundscape created by Night Talks.

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