“Miscommunication” by Arms Akimbo

Talented L.A. band Arms Akimbo has done it again, their first co-written song is a nice mix of tunes,writing styles and a whole lot of great music. “Miscommunication” has some nice classic rock undertones while keeping it contemporary and relevant to the modern listeners. It has a lyrical fluidity that makes the song an effortless task to listen and enjoy, plus the fact that (let’s be honest) it’s relatable gives it that something extra. This young band have set another must listen track in our laps and we should do what is intended – enjoy the hell out of it. The soft melodious voice and the punk-rock spirit of the other voice give the track two guides that actually work perfectly with the soundscape that has been created. Enjoy “Miscommunication” and make sure to follow these guys.

[su_quote]It’s one of our first co-written songs. Lyrically it touches on themes of communication breakdown – the tension between characters who can’t make a connection. Chris and I both sing on it and play the roles of two different emotional levels. That’s fun of it for me. Chris’s verses work through the conversation and the smooth drive of the song. When his character can’t connect I come in with the sort of clashy chorus. It’s like a story and we get to be Jekyll and Hyde.[/su_quote]

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