Song to Listen

Norwegian singer/songwriter Terje Tylden comes to us with a touching, human and vulnerable debut single in the shape and form of “TED”. This amazing first step into our worlds was inspired by a moment of pain that fortunately improved – “Some years ago, his stepfather was hospitalized to have a heart operation. He nearly died, and during that time, Terje wrote a song to him because he realized that he’d never told him that he loved him. TED is that song”

With this inspired melody Terje lets his voice and a stripped down acoustic guitar do the talking – he guides us through each and every note, showing us the story of him and his stepfather and the unbreakable bond they share. It’s difficult to not be touched or even teary eyed by the how this song has a way of touching something so deep inside us and invites us to tell those those we care for how much we love them and what they mean to us.

Go tell those that surround how much you care and love them, let this song guide you as you walk towards them.

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