TOLMAN and “Chaperone”

simply indie pop-tolman-and-chaperone-new music-indie music-imagine dragons-new indie music-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitFounding member of Imagine Dragons Andrew Tolman and wife Brittany Tolman (who’s also an original member of Imagine Dragons) have a created the newest pop duo that will surely capture your attention, they are TOLMAN. With their debut single “Chaperone” they are setting themselves for success , with Brittany’s enchanting and hypnotic voice and some amazing synth sounds and drums that give a certain special and danceable touch to the flow of the track. Let yourself be guided by her beautiful voice as you explore the soundscape so intrinsic, so unique, so riveting and tantalizing that leaves us begging for more.

This talented husband and wife duo are creating pop sounds that in my opinion are exactly what the doctor and/or this wolf recommends you to listen. Just let the lyrics and music of “Chaperone” take over and push you to find your worth away from that and those that only pull you down-let the world know you and show all your potential.

[su_quote]Chaperone’ is about being independent and recognizing your own worth, even when somebody else can’t,” says Brittany. “One afternoon, we had an intense conference call and I stuck up for myself and it felt really empowering. We were both fired up and needed a way to express our frustration so we immediately went to our Moog synthesizer and wrote the song’s bass line and chorus vocals. It was very cathartic[/su_quote]

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