[su_quote]Fever is a homage to the neon-lit late night drives through Los Angeles with my then girlfriend on a trip out there. It’s Driving at Night music[/su_quote]

“Fever” by Arro Jones

Remember Nicolas Refn’s neo-noir film ‘Drive’ (one of my favorites)? Remember the music that was heard through out the movie? Now add “Fever” by Arro Jones into it, doesn’t it sound like a match made in heaven. Filled with that special get in a car and drive through the night vibe, “Fever” is a single solely created by this talented Manchester based musician/producer -filled with 80s infused synth pop sounds, ethereal vocals that hypnotize the listener and lyrics that are so haunting and attractive that sound surreal at times.

I could just get in my car, put this song on repeat and drive to wherever for whatever amount of time – with no clear destination, no reason whatsoever, just feeling the thrill of the ride while being guided by Arro’s voice and melodies and the feeling that “Fever” creates inside us.

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