Song to Listen

Artist: Common Jack

Song: Eli Fletcher

Region: New York – North America

“Eli Fletcher” by Common Jack has done something few songs have truly 100% done, it brought chills down my spine and even the little hairs on my arms stood up as I listened to the story being told. As I heard every line, the chorus, each time the name of the protagonist was told I could not help it, I was transported into this world, into the song. I honestly felt a tear drop down from my right eye down my cheek into the ground as the story unfolded. I have been moved by the sincerity and the reality that is heard throughout “Eli Fletcher”

Made up of Broadway, TV, & film actors and lead by the talented voice of John Gardner, this talented folk-rock New York City based ensemble showcases a sensitivity and humanity in its songwriting and in the melody it uses to create the soundscapes of each track. I would honestly You use an afternoon and just browse and listen to each song of their latest album ‘Strange New State’ – you will feel as each second you use listening is so well spent for you will be transported to new countrysides, towns, and worlds. Enjoy and sit down and wait anxiously as they create their next album.

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