Indie Folk Mixtape 1

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff”]Indie Folk Mixtape 1 is a collection of folk or folk infused songs that through the sounds of this genre are able to touch something in me and hopefully in you (the next listener, the next holder of this pure melodies). Enjoy this indie folk melodies and be open to being transported to new soundscapes and to be guided by voices that will surely touch your soul. [/su_note]

Artist: Owls of the Swamp

Song: Start all Over

Why? Born in Australia, based in Iceland and inspired for this song by Ayahuasca in Peru – here comes Owls of the Swamp. This song is a showcase of deep thoughts by the singer/songwriter behind Owls of the Swamp – it invites us to ask those questions ourselves and to aim at finding an answer. In a way through the ethereal melody and the flow of his voice he is telling us to join into the search and to be thankful for the bliss that certain moments in life bring.

[su_quote]This song is about those inner impulses that compel us to ask the bigger questions about our life, and those precious few moments where we gain meaningful insight[/su_quote]

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Artist: Jenny O.

Song: Be Here Now

Why? Beautiful beach feel infused folk melody comprises “Be Here Now” by the young talent of a singer/songwriter known to our ears as Jenny O. The melody and lyrics are bit nostalgic longing to spend her time with that universal you who could be anyone, from a friend to a lover, from a brother to a mother, anyone she and you long to be with. The song is also strangely soothing and brings a special sense of peace while you listen to it.

[su_quote]These are the days

The hours are illusion

Only mistake

Is feeling that they’re getting away

I want my time back

I wanna spend it with you.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Dinosaur Parade

Song: I’ll be around

Why? Based in Southern California, Dinosaur Parade release their first single “I’ll be around” from their upcoming sophomore EP ‘Feel it’. This track is softly and beautifully honest and an invitation to lend a hand to whoever the person/s the song is inspired. It even invites the listener to feel as if the track is for them, it’s a safe place to go to when feeling lost and lonely. It’s nice to feel as if there is someone who’ll be around for you when you most needed.

[su_quote]Our new single, I’ll Be Around represents a more mature, yet simplistic and thoughtful approach to our song writing. Allowing the song to naturally build both vocally and musically at their respective moments gave the song its authenticity.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Martin Forsell

Song: Liberations

Why? Swedish singer/songwriter Martin Forsell has a knack for honesty and connection with others with each track he puts forward for us to listen. With a beautiful purely folk melody infused with lyrics that are so human, so real while at the same time so imaginative all sung by his gifted magnetic voice that can easily touch hearts and souls as soon as you hear from the first second.

[su_quote]It’s a song about “forbidden” love due to sexual orientation / ethnic background or religion. It’s also about trying to be free from judgements.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Britanny Foushee

Song: Melody

Why? “…Oh sweet melody, I am in amazement..”  What a beautiful way to start a song specially written and sung for the muse itself, for the true love of all who dwell in the world of tones, melodies, rhythms and beats and who search from high to low for the right notes, what a marvelous song for Music. Britanny beauty and young age come along with a beautiful soulful voice and a maturity in her lyrics that is surprising and at same time something to be thankful for. Listen and let her voice caress you as you travel through “Melody”.

[su_quote]This is who I am in a nutshell. I think the song best describes my musical style, by combining all my influences to be a weird frankenstein of creativity. But more than that, music is my best friend; Sometimes my only friend. Seriously, what feels better than humming a familiar melody in the middle of a particularly rough day? It’s the only language that’s universally spoken, and it’s medicinal. Or at least it should be.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Van William featuring First Aid Kit

Song: Revolution

Why? What a marvelous way to let music flow: with good friends, some drinks, a room full of guitars and amps and of course with a talented singer and a duo that is taking the music scene by storm. This song is marvel to hear, the voice of Van William, the harmonies of the talented Swedish duo First Aid Kit , the pop infused folk melody, and of course the relatable lyrics singing about wanting to be someone who just was not for you. While you wanted to fight, he/she wanted the easy way out – while you gave your all, you received a tiny piece of nothingness. Heartbreak can sometimes bring forward beauty and something special, as is the case with “Revolution.

[su_quote]…I want a revolution

You want a short solution

We never could see eye to eye

You wanted retribution

I came to the same conclusion

It’s a story as old as time…[/su_quote]

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Artist: Toledo

Song: Alstroemeria

Why? With a track name that sounds like a tongue twister but provides a beautiful and soft melody that sounds like true love but unfortunately isn’t. It looks like something you truly wish but sometimes we need to open our eyes and see what the truth is. This song invites for you to open your eyes, to see what lies beyond the beauty of a face, the kisses that come coldly or the hand that you have to reach out to hold always. Ask the questions and you will surely find the answers with “Alstroemeria” by Toledo.

[su_quote]Alstroemeria is a song about feeling loved for personal gain rather than feeling unconditional love.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light

Song: Runaways

Why? After a showcase of his talent and artistic spirit in season 8 of NBC’s The Voice, Gabriel Wolfchild comes at us with a song that aspires at connecting souls beautifully titled “Runaways”. This talented singer/songwriter and his band The Northern Light bring us a beautiful love song that caresses you softly as the tune and the lyrics set into your ears and from there fill up all your senses, transporting you to a realm of peace, tranquility, acceptance and love.

[su_quote]You are beautiful. It’s not just you in those shoes. It’s everyone you know, everyone you love, everyone who has broken your heart. Soulmates from the start, soulmates even after we depart.[/su_quote]

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Artist: Swan Levitt

Song: Alive

Why? Take away all the nonsense, the unnecessary noise, the blinding ego and just let your heart listen as Swan Levitt takes on a touching cinematic journey through his song “Alive”. This melody touches something deep inside of you, it pushes your humanity to be seen and for it too feel something real. For those of us who have lost someone precious it connects in an instant and for those who haven’t it transports you into a soundscape that guided by the capacity for emotions in his voice makes you thankful for those you have around you. This young singer/songwriter from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom is a voice that the whole world should hear and stare in awe as his melodies captivate them.

[su_quote]Alive is about a close friend who had cystic Fibrosis. It gives some insight into personality and struggle. He passed away last year[/su_quote]

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