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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”World of Trouble” by Vian Izak[/headline]

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I welcome you to one of the most unique concert experiences – the World’s First illustrated North Pole Concert. Headline by the talented Vian Izak with the assistance of the artistic mind of Hein and the Intelligence System/ DJ ‘I’. With animated music that reminds us of the Gorillaz and their unique take on music. With 250 illustrations based on actual people that used the hashtag #NorthPoleConcert to be part of the experience, all the art created by the hands of Hein Zaayman. With this unique take in music they were able to create a fully inclusive experience for their fans and us, because anyone could be there – no matter what their health, regional or any other situation they had in real life that could prevent them from going to a live concert. With this beautiful anthem to love, to live and to humanity – Vian has plastered his music and the art of Hein into this wolf’s heart. Bravo! Just Amazing![/su_note]

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