[headline type=”type2″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]Indie Pop Mixtape 1[/headline]

Artist: Jess McAvoy

Song: Curious

Why? Australian/Brooklyn based Jess McAvoy’s experimental pop is so edgy, so refreshing and so pure when it comes to melody and lyrics. Her voice flows in an effortless manner throughout her song and it leaves you curious for more.

More of Her: http://jessmcavoy.com/

Artist: Vesperteen

Song: What we could have been

Why? Colin Rigsby aka Vesperteen throws a nice pop track splashed with vocals that have a nice rebellious punk rock feel about it. Singing about the question we have all asked each other at least once about a past failed relationship or a relationship that never did happened either by cowardice, time, space, etc.

More of Him: https://www.facebook.com/vesperteen

Artist: shahana

Song: Paradox

Why? Turn everything off, let no noise into where you are and let Shahana’s “Paradox” guide you through the melodies, the soft drum beats that slowly up their tempo accompanied by the bass and piano that make up the best set up for her voice to truly excel.

More of Her: https://www.facebook.com/shahanamusic

Artist: Vincent John

Song: Heaven Knows

Why? With a beautiful 80s inspired melodic plea for love, comes Vincent John and “Heaven Knows”. Throw some classic pop and a bit of R&B and some inspired songwriting and you get this beautiful track by this young Philadelphia born and raised artist and producer.

More of Him: https://vincentjohn.squarespace.com/

Artist: Stassi

Song: Wasted Youth

Why? Relaxed, real, dramatic and so relatable – it connects to all when we reach the crossroads of being an adult or staying a kid. Stassi’s voice is peaceful and beautiful and manages to flow with such an ease through the soundscape of her song.

More of Her: http://www.stassimusic.com/

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Artist: Esbie Fonte

Song: Yesterday’s News

Why? It’s a nice and soft melodic pop track that is lead to your ears by Esbie’s sweet voice. It’s a interesting track that is actually enhanced by the background soundbites. The music is simple but beautiful and does not require more than what is shown.

More of Her: http://www.esbiefonte.com/

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Artist: Atrel

Song: High to Low

Why? Atrel’s in your face style of singing is refreshing because she is able to show strength and also show softness in her voice and her lyrics. Plus the music video is fun and you can see that this talented singer also has some mad skills when it comes to dancing.

More of Her: http://www.atrelofficial.com/

Artist: Slow Sugar

Song: Pieces

Why? This duo is a definite must listen – his musical arrangements and her powerful pop perfect voice, it’s a match made in musical heaven. There’s no going wrong with this song, both members compliment each other and are sure to leave you and anyone who listen pleased.

More of Them: http://www.slowsugarmusic.com/

Artist: Jen Baron

Song: If I

Why? Written by talented songwriter Jen Baron and sang beautifully by recording artist Sophie Rose – this song’s soft melody is simply enchanting and the voice has a way of truly touching your heart when you hear it. Jen’s songwriting is magnificent and you can see it in each verse of this marvelous track.

More of Her: http://www.jenbaron.com/