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“Pious” by Convoy

Meeting each other by coincidence, by luck, by fate or by whatever you might believe in – the four members of Convoy came from all over the Netherlands to converge in a city in the south of the country named Tilburg in 2013. Discovering they had similar tastes in music – this leads them to connect with each other and form a band in which they focused on creating their own music and their own sound. A few years later they pop into the scene with the interesting and appealing set of tracks that were created.

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“Pious” was one of the band’s first tracks written, their debut single in January of 2016 and their latest music video. Fannah’s voice is hypnotizing and the soundscape the guys created for her is just perfect and the lyrics amaze me due to their topic and the mature way it flows making something to applaud such a young band. Remember the name, tattoo it into your brain for sooner than later we will see them making head waves in the US, they have already started doing so in Europe. You’ve been warned, save their music into your playlists for they are another fine must listen example of music that is being created in the world.

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