“Girl with an Ego” by Justin Baron

Justin Baron and “Girl with an Ego” are the perfect combination, his electrifying voice and the upbeat tempo and flow of the song just make for a must listen hit in the making. Justin sings about something most guys want and some are lucky to get, to find that one girl that just stops the whole room and you (and all the other guys) just stare at her, and she knows it and she loves it (because she owns the place with every step she takes). The provocative line of sex in stilettos, mixed in with the constant promise of it never being fulfilled just adds to the allure of this girl, this “Girl with an Ego”. We all might say we don’t but at one point in time or even today you’ve searched for this girl, you’ve wanted her, you’ve needed her to give a moment of her precious time.

I can only picture this song live, with Justin center stage, the stage looking like the most amazing party in Manhattan or Los Angeles and dancers around but one of them stands out walking on her Manolo Blahnik’s and a beautiful red dress that’s looks like she was born it it (The “Girl with an Ego” personified) – just picture it, you see it, isn’t that one hell of an imaginary show.

Now go out there and get yourself that girl, and ladies if you feel you are not that girl remember this – you will always stop the world for the one that wants to only look at you, you’ll be his “Girl with an Ego”.

[su_quote cite=”Justin Baron about ‘Girl with an Ego'”]I wrote ‘Girl With An Ego’ out in LA a little over a year ago. As soon as I put pen to paper, all I wanted to do was ask fate for someone I haven’t found yet. A girl who owns any room she walks into. A girl who uses her eyes as weapons. And, of course, a girl who only likes sex in stilettos.[/su_quote]

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