Interview with False Heads

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Interview with False Heads-uk-indie music-new music-new indie music-indie rock-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suit
First of all, how did you decide on the name ‘False Heads’?
I wrote down a lot of potential names of a bit of paper and my eyes are shit and I didn’t have my glasses on and read ‘False Hood’ as ‘False Heads’ and thought not only did it have a lovely ring to it, it also summed up most people that live in my area.
What inspires your music?
Melody and being moved by something whether it’s love, hate, anger, confusion, apathy or whatever really. Those are the things that make me sit down and write a melody or a lyric. I think that’s the best way to be although I have to admit negative emotions are normally what charge the song writing I will admit haha but a lot of it is sarcasm and is meant to be sort of humorous but when I read my own lyrics back sometimes even I think ‘fuck me, what a moody cunt’ haha but oh well.

Interview with False Heads-uk-indie music-new music-new indie music-indie rock-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suit
“These kids make a lot of noise, I like it”
-Iggy Pop

What’s the story behind your latest single “Weigh in”?
Barney came up with the verse riff/guitar sequence, I had the big riffs in the middle and end already written and then Barney and I just sort of fell into the chorus guitars whilst having a jam. I then wrote the lyrics and vocal melody and it just fell into place quite quickly once we had the parts. Lyrically, there’s a lot of different ideas going on in there. I guess the main idea is summed up in the first line ‘the stink swings back and forward’ which really sums up my feelings toward the right and left in this country. How the right used to be the ones obsessed with censorship and what you can and can’t say and it seems like this weird group of left authoritarian have sprung up that see every issue in black and white and don’t have an ounce of nuance in their thinking and I fucking hate it. I mean really they aren’t proper leftists because freedom of speech and non-censorship is what I’ve always believed being a leftist stood for yet these cunts who I see springing up more and more seem to want nothing more to shut down anyone who has a differing opinion to them and set a lynch mob on them when they do disagree with them.
Interview with False Heads-uk-indie music-new music-new indie music-indie rock-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suit
Favorite live show experience?
100 percent playing the Roundhouse. When I first walked in and saw we were playing the mainstage I just thought fuck me we are on the right path to something. And being treated by the staff like people still give a shit about bands and musicians was a nice reaffirmation that people do still want fucking good music popular again.
How does it feel to be able to play your music for a crowd?
It’s great, there’s nothing else like it. Having people react to your music live and move, headbang and do whatever the fuck the are doing to the music makes you feel incredible. Feels the same way everytime. What can we expect from False Heads in the future?
Tour and an album. We cannot wait to release the album onto the world.
Describe the band in one word (each member answers)?
Luke: Crack
Barney: Zooweemama


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Interview with False Heads – Thank you to the talented members of False Heads for being cool about this and for making some awesome music.