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[su_heading size=”20″]”Eyes for you” by Emilie[/su_heading]

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“Eyes for you” by EMILIE is a beautiful song just like the author of this marvelous track. This talented singer/songwriter has a special gift for the touching of the heart and the connecting with the souls. She delivers a true, honest and heartfelt melody with her latest track. Plus not only is the song one of the best you’ll hear, the music video does not falter and the simple yet magical angle of filming creates something so mesmerizing even though it’s only her , you tell yourself that that’s all you ever needed. The world should stand down and admit defeat to her beautiful and unique blend of electro pop that oozes human nature and that will connect with all that are lucky to hear. Because in my opinion, she’s not the one searching you to be her audience – you are searching for her to be that performer you never knew you could fall head over heels for. Enjoy “Eyes for you” while you only have eyes for her.[/su_note]

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