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Genre: Indie Rock

Region: Brooklyn – North America” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]

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Brooklyn based indie rock quartet, The YeahTones bring back those old school Rock ‘N’ Roll sounds and spirit that no matter what era it’s always nice to hear. Led by guitarist/singer/ songwriter/producer Jake Pinto, the band is already making waves in the music scene. They were voted Best Emerging Artist in June of 2016 by Deli Mag readers through a poll – they truly deserve that recognition by the way. Not only is the music so full of energy, life, and that special splash of rebellion that makes up the rock genre – The guys take their songwriting to places where most are scared to go and do so coming up on top and creating music that’s worth taking the time to listen and enjoy. Hold on tight and let the guitar rifts, the power of Jake’s voice, the beats of the drums and the meticulous guidance of the bass take you through a soundscape you’ve never been before but will never want to leave.[/su_box]


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