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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”Ostinato” by 3099 ft. Lex Allen[/headline]

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Like I have mentioned before I don’t claim to be a fan of every musical genre but every once in a while there a songs in the genres I don’t usually write about that just blow me away. This time it’s the soulful, real and refreshing rhymes by 3099 (APRIME, the emcee of the well-respected hip-hop group AUTOMatic). “Ostinato” is just real, human and it speaks about hardships, a quest for a dream, fights and the ups and downs. Anyone can relate to these amazing rhymes, the voice of this talented emcee is accompanied by the soulful softness of Lex Allen and his voice. Together this two talented powerhouses have created a song that does not fall in just one genre and that anyone and everyone should listen to. Great work 3099, now all of you enjoy this song.[/su_note]

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