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[su_box title=”Artist: Selahphonic

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: Queensland – Australia” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]Indie pop band Selahphonic come at you straight from down under – from Queensland, Australia. They are bringing with the themselves that blend of 80’s pop artistry splashed with some contemporary experimentation and carefree attitude and lyrics that are relatable to today’s population in the world. Their latest single “Easy” is so enjoyable and just the right mix of chill and relax with fun and energetic. It’s like a double shot espresso while you are getting a relaxing massage, strange as it sounds based on their music it sounds like fun. This band have a name to remember and music that will stay with you not only on your mind but after today on your playlists and your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube- Stalk them below).[/su_box]

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