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[su_note note_color=”#ffffff”]London based Lola Cove are giving us another treat before the launch of their upcoming debut EP ‘Sons & Daughters’. To mark the 1 week countdown the guys decided to release “I’ve been caught” as the latest single before the EP arrives. Enjoy the quality of the music and the magic and magnetism of Luke’s voice. The guy’s have just enhanced the hype for the upcoming EP to another notch. If ‘Wait up for me” and their latest single are examples of what’s to come, then this wolf is definitely excited and ready to listen to that full EP. Enjoy the pure and effortless flow of this song and get caught in the lyrics. Take part in the story created through the unique indie rock by this talented band. And if you haven’t mark in your calendars the date of the release of the new EP (September 30th, 2016). Enjoy the unison soundscape created by Lola Cove![/su_note]

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