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[su_box title=”Artist: Hanne Lelad

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: Norway – Europe” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]Young Norwegian indie pop singer/songwriter Hanne Leland is taking Norway by storm and this young queen of music has started her path to Europe, United States and the rest of the world. Her upbeat, lyrically powerful and infectious blend of pop music sounds so refreshing, so necessary and just so right. Her voice is able to traverse the soundscape she creates within each song with such an ease – everything sounds so unison and so beautiful. The flow with which her music travels through each second of the track is so unique- It’s uplifting to hear music so well put together and so mature and ready for the big stage. The Scandinavian countries as of late have been exporting some amazing talent (SNO, Alphabet town, Tove Lo, Ignore the Elephant, etc), this young pop artist is the latest to hold that flag high up into the sky. Enjoy “Queen” by this amazing musical member of indie pop royalty and let her rule over your playlists and your ears – you will not regret it.[/su_box]

[su_quote cite=”About Queen”]I wrote QUEEN about this one person who repeatedly tried to tear med down. So I was initially writing a song about my own struggle, but when that chorus came about in the studio, I remember feeling like this song is not just about me anymore. The song is a message to all my fellow humans about demanding respect and living life on their own terms. I would say it definitely has some good old girl power in it. I’m proud to call myself a feminist[/su_quote]

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