[su_box title=”Artist: EXES

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: Los Angeles -North America” box_color=”#000000″ title_color=”#ffffff”]EXES is driven by memories, nostalgia, stories to be told and the minds, hearts and talents of Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo. Together these two musicians have found a unique synergy that allows them to find as close as a perfect cohesion musically as you can get in my opinion. Allie’s voice bounces as if it were natural to her through the beats, the rhythms and music created by Mike. The melodies created by the both of them are so beautifully pop and lyrically so rich dwelling in different stories in each song.Together they are force to be in the lookout for, there’s no wondering why they have garnered 1M+ streams across platforms.[/su_box]

[su_quote]’Dear, Home’ is a song for the homesick. It’s a song dedicated to the pieces of my heart I left back East. The parts of me still beating in that small town where I grew up. As nostalgic-romantics, it is one of the most personal songs we’ve written.[/su_quote]

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