“Mama’s Gonna Get You” by WASI

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WASI (We are/She is) are such a refreshing musical duo that speaks from a perspective that is seldom heard but it should be paid attention to. The reality is that we are all equal no matter what race, sex or sexual orientation we might have and they speak on behalf of the amazing and growing LGBTQ community. I am happy to listen to empowering music but also the that it is great music makes it worth even more in my eyes. The song is so well written and the melodies match to perfection with the next one and that is truly what music should be. “Mama’s gonna get you” has a nice effortless pop sound but lyrics that besides being well written say something to the world and the video is a perfect addition to the song (it goes hand in hand with it). They give a message of truth but they don’t shove it in your face, they just want to be heard and I am listening, are you?[/su_note]

Drum rolls…

…more drum rolls…

are you ready?

…you sure?

Here you go!!!

New Song: “Superhero”

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