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[headline type=”type2″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”Do me a favor” by Molly Marlette[/headline]

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Molly Marlette delivers a beautiful and enchanting song in “Do me a favor”. Her magnificent voice delivers a pop song that mesmerizes any listener and then you add the music video (which she directed and produced) and it’s just so fun, so hypnotizing – just wonderful. Her old Hollywood charm and her synth pop sounds mixed in with her top fashion sense makes for an artist to be excited about. A woman who truly embodies the whole package with her talent, her good looks, her style and above all: how in touch she is with the music she wants to deliver. Enjoy “Do me a favor” and after that close your mouth (you will be in awe and of course the mouth opens when one is in awe) and just add her music to your playlists and bookmark her wonderful music.[/su_note]

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