[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”Honey Money” by NONA[/headline]

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff”]NONA is already a household favorite in wolfinasuit.com – we seriously love the band and the music they bring. Why? Because it’s always honest and the inspiration comes from experience and life. “Honey Money” is a song that a few if not many guys and women have experienced and lived through. Just listen to it and you will connect with it (If you don’t – lucky you). The band brings their unique touch and their blend of music that is just so cool and fun to listen to. [/su_note]

[su_quote cite=”Michael from NONA”]A bit of the song is inspired by a night I went out with my roommate who was setting me up with his girlfriends roommate. I was duped into driving to Hollywood, paying $15 for parking and several more series of $15 on drinks at a club where I’m not sure I heard a single spoken work over the music. I’m not a guy who can win someone over with a pelvic thrust nor do I aspire to be one. I left that night with a broken bank and a furthered distaste for that scene[/su_quote]

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