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Artist: Royaume

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: France-Europe


[block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ rounded=”false” shadow=”false”]This young duo from Paris, France Royaume composed of the talented Yumi (vocals & songwriting) and Moon Boy (production &songwriting) is creating truly unique music that one can enjoy and connect with. There’s a blend of pop, electronic even hints of rock in their lates track “Endless Grace” and lyrically it easy to connect with as it dwells in topics of life and the search for something special. It is easy to understand why their first single “Blue Asphalt” has already reached more than 124k plays on soundcloud and their latest single (“Endless Grace”) is on it’s way there with more than 33k plays. This is a rare feat in soundcloud to be honest specially for a band so young and so new but it proves that talent no matter how and where will find a way to be heard. Enjoy the music of this amazing artist on the rise feaured band.[/block]

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