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Artist: Castle Pines

Genre: Indie Rock

Region: USA-North America

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff”]I have always believed there’s something in the waters in California, Castle Pines just proves me right. With their raw indie rock, that innate talent and the attitude to work their a$$es off and to always aim at bringing a show the audience will not easily forget. These guys are truly a band you should be listening to, because one of these days they will surprise and you’ll be listening to their music in a huge festival, a movie soundtrack or just in the radio while driving to work. The music scene has a new player and they are all in to take everything with the melodious yet rebellious and powerful voice of singer/Guitarist Leandro Barrientos, Ricky and jesse creating a symbiotic relationship with their instruments and Sterling setting the pace and the craziness with the drums. All while bringing something new and refreshing.

This ensemble of four guys will make you want to take a trip to Corona, California just to be able to see them live in their home town.


Indie rock rejoice, Castle Pines is here!


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