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Artist: Molly MOORE

Genre: Indie Pop

Region: USA-North America


[block background=”#ffffff” text_color=”#000000″ rounded=”false” shadow=”false”]Last time it was the music video for “Natural Disaster” this time the focus is on the talented singer/songwriter that is Molly Moore. There’s a reason why this young talent has garnished many fans through out all her social media accounts, the reason: she’s working hard to be heard (shows, gigs, etc) and she has a gift to connect with people (she replies, she comments, she understands them and her music connects with the masses). She is truly an artist on the rise and she is constantly working on moving up with working and improving her craft, music. She won me over with the passion and sensibility her songs have and that magnetic energy she delivers through her voice makes her a force to be reckon with. [/block]

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