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[headline type=”type1″ color=”#000000″ size=”h2″]”Free Spirit” by Fictionist[/headline]

[su_note note_color=”#ffffff”]video recommendation-free spirit-by-fictionist-music video-indie music-wolfinasuit-wolf in a suitThis is one of the best music videos I seen in a long time and the song is equally amazing. Fictionist will blow you away with their music and with the amazing quality in everything they do. This is a band that will always stay true to themselves and they are inviting you to do the same with this song. Just amazing and exactly what is needed in a time where everyone is trying so hard to fit without noticing that you will fit everywhere by just being you. The world is not a puzzle and you piece, you are a free spirit and run free. Be you, have fun and show it just like the guys due in their quest to just be themselves and end up playing an old fashioned gig at the end of the video.

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[su_quote cite=”Fictionist”]“While recording the “Free Spirit” EP, there was more of a sense of abandonment in the performances. We went back and forth on different versions of the songs, and in the end we chose the more live and raw sounding material that really seemed to have the rough edges that we liked.” [/su_quote]

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