Sunset Lines

Band: Sunset Lines

Formed: 2015

Region: San Francisco, USA – North America

Members: Liz Brooks (vocals,synth), Paul McCorkle (guitar), Brian Howell (bass), and Greg Wieman (drums)

Its always nice to listen to a band lead by a truly talented female singer that can turn anyone into putty with just a single note. Sunset Lines has that and a band that does not falter and that prove that the whole group is strong enough to captivate everyone and anyone. They mix in pop and rock sounds and create music that feels and sounds so unique and so theirs. They are truly worthy of being an artist on the rise feature and they might just be starting but the path looks fully of possibilities for them.

[quote author=”About the song” source=””]“This song was written about coming to terms with the life and family left behind in pursuit of something greater and the experience of moving away from home to a new city. All four of us are transplants to San Francisco and have been greatly influenced by the city which is something that can be heard in a lot of our songs. We’ve been working with Rob Shelton at Tiny Telephone Studios here in San Francisco and are expecting to release a full EP later in the year.”[/quote]

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