[quote author=”” source=””]these hooded cities been contorting
round the contours of your fears —
I’m crying:
you won’t ever come back.[/quote]

Artist: Ben Meyerson

Region: Toronto, Canada

Ben Meyerson is bringing not only his talent but his soul to music, he is giving his poetry a home within his music and it’s just an amazing explosion of creativity that you get with him. Each song is just so well written (I truly mean it), it resonates with your typical and your imaginative self in such a way that you just connect. It’s music worth your time because it’s unique and he is giving that extra step.

His voice is masterfully used in each melody and accompanied so well in each track. And everything just flows so magically; it might be the poetry or just the soul of the song. He has created music so worth it in his Euhemerism EP, and you should give it a listen.

Ben Meyerson

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