You slowly loose your mind and you just let the rhythm take you on a journey, a pure pop journey brought to you by Isle&Fever. Just an amazing song that has that vintage feel that we all enjoy but it feels so modern as well and the sounds are original and match with the voices beautifully. It’s soft and relaxing but still so full of life that it makes you want get up and hit the closest dance floor and go all John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ on it.

“Dime Piece” is a gem among modern music, because it can be a point of connection for old and young and men and women. It’s a beautifully and technically gifted song that produces a sense of joy and relaxation like nothing else. Just feel the beat and be taken by the flow of the song, let go of your problems and just feel it. Isle&Fever are certainly a duo to look out for, they bringing that nice soft pop that we know we all love.


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