[quote author=”” source=””]…Do my hair and shine my shoes…

Just amazing music video from Director: Gareth Davies ; plus the magnificent music of the man of the hour. This two created a music video that goes together with the sounds and the voice of Wishes so perfectly.

He truly excels as a multi-instrumentalist and it’s showcased to it’s full extent in this song: “I want to be alone with you”. Sydney based John Towey (aka Wishes) shows us that there are no limits to creativity and to music and creates this gem.

It’s Just great and with such an amazing quality both visually and sound wise. Both the Director and the singer create a trip worth taking for anyone that take’s the time to just listen. Enjoy the melodious voice, the amazing and enchanting sounds and just remain in awe of the camera work and the colors and the story. Wonderful work from this amazing group of people, they truly understand how to create something worth watching and listening to.

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