“…And Again and again. One of us, one of them…”

False heads

Band: False Heads

Formed: 2014

Region: London, England – Europe

Members: Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliot and Barney Nash

There is a international call and it’s asking for you to pick up, it comes from England… you know who it is? …it’s raw and powerful music created by False Heads and their latest music video “Thick Skin” which still has that brand new music video smell. They are bringing back something so indie rock and just full of power that it’s just amazing and it will leave you speechless the second the song starts. Plus the lyrics are just so real, they connect so perfectly with each of us; it’s like the whole song is one giant roller coaster and  you do not want to get off. False Heads is bringing that raw strength back to music and we should be thanking them.

…I know how hard it could be to sit still in the darkest parts..

False heads

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