I always aim to find some great new music out there, but sometimes that music comes to me. That happened with “Sabre” by The Swoons. A masterful song created by this talented duo from London and Toronto who happen to study at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston.

The song is simply just amazing, everything in it just sounds like quality and hard work was put into it by the guys. The arrangement and the beats just along so well. Then you add that voice that has a certain hypnotic factor about it that just catches you by surprise. Because of this I have become a fan.

“…Lyrically the song speaks of someone who is recovering from multiple heartbreaks, they’ve been ‘cut deep’ and that despite repeatedly being hurt by these knives the other character offers a blade (sabre) that will not cause pain but love and thus through this metaphor offers a ‘final dance with danger’…”

The song was written by The Swoons with the production featuring a collaborative effort with LA based producer Deafkulture – whom they met while he was a student at Berklee.

The single is part of a release under independent Label ‘Rudeboy Music’ based in New York City.

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