[quote author=”” source=””]…an intimate and emotional song about vulnerabilty. It’s all about that time when you let fears conquer you…[/quote]

There’s a reason why this video is the featured music video of the website – it’s just so amazingly beautiful and so touching that you heart might even skip a beat or two listening to it. It just touches the most vulnerable side of your humanity because it is so real. It’s amazing that Pavvla (Pronounced simply as “Paula”) is a young 19 year old singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain. There’s a maturity in her songwriting that is so powerful and just so mesmerizing because it’s so real, so human and connects with us all.

As soon as I heard her voice I just knew that I had to feature her, that I had to write about this amazing talent, about this true singer/songwriter. The reason because I was moved, something in me just connected (Must have been my human side).

While we wait for the amazing album she will put out there let me also add another music video, for the song “Young” by Pavvla. This was her first single and it’s currently available everywhere along with her song “Skin”.

Follow Pavvla while we wait for her album