Coming to you all the way from Denmark. Take a look and a listen at Saint Best’s first single – “In the Morning”

After watching the video you might be asking yourself a few things like: What? How? Why?… What Again? So, to answer those questions we have an explanation from the director below.

[quote author=”The Director of “In the Morning”” source=””]

“When we saw the egg-scene from Juzo Itami’s Japanese classic, “Tampopo” we were mind-blown by the simplicity of the idea, both how good it looks visually, as well as all the implications in that action (intimacy, trust, creativity, curiosity and a little bit of kinkiness). First of all we asked ourselves if the egg thing is actually something we could recreate, or if it’s hard to pull off. At least it could be fun to try. But after seeing the film we also discussed how weirdly little food is visualized or discussed in art in general, there’s of course some paintings, but rarely there’s a film or song made about food, even though it’s so vital to us. Around the same time, SAINT BEST sent us their new song and we found it to be about urges, desires. What better way to show our urges visually than with food? Especially this very distinct relationship to food, a sexualised one. So we decided to make a video inspired by the scenes in Tampopo, set in Denmark. A video that shows a relationship between two individuals, both to each other and to food, at two different times in their lives. For us it was important to work with the contrast between the beach-scene where we imagine the couple meet for the first time, the innocence in the oyster, the licking, even the costumes, and the scene in the apartment, where they are now together and have fully embraced their attraction to each other and food.


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