[quote author=”Andy James – instruments and vocals for King Catcher” source=””]”It came about from a story a friend related. He told me once he was watching some sex tape and suddenly realized that he knew the main actor. Instantly, he went from being engaged in the clip to being repelled by it. It made me think about the margins within which we find things attractive, and how quickly these margins can alter based on random impressions”[/quote]

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This is the tale of Stephen Bodger  and Andy James , two relapsed scientists from North London who one day decided to conduct an experiment and become pop icons. This experiment became ‘King Catcher’ and so far I think it’s a success.
They are mixing and mingling the sounds that inspire them: David Bowie in Berlin, PJ Harvey’s low vocals and Keith Richards’ highlights. And they are creating a sound that has been described as “Daft Punk burning a Beatles album”. 
While along the way King Catcher is catching some ears and becoming a must listen by many (including me).

[/col2][col2 ]King Catcher is here to renew your sense of hope, fun and strange story-telling in music. They did it before with “Butterfly” and “Night Ride”, and they will do it again with “I don’t want your life”. Take a look at the video, act like a zombie and just enjoy the show because things are just getting started.
I wish these two crazy scientist much success and hope that they continue with this experiment for a long, long time because they are definitely creating something special.


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