“The video is pretty much an extension of the concept of the song,” explains lead singer/conceptualist of The Velveteins/protagonist of the video, Spencer Morphy. “[It kind of explores] the idea of being disconnected from what’s going on around you.”

The latest music video to come to Wolf in a Suit and to become the featured video that pops up on the homepage comes from The Velveteins. The video is for their song “Hanging from the Ceiling” and it is amazing.
This band from Edmonton, Canada is bringing back a certain vibe that has been missing in music. The “I don’t take myself too seriously” but I make damn good music (which they do) vibe. Why do I say this? Because listen to that melody and those lyrics and then pay attention to the mastery in the instruments. You will be relaxed and you will appreciate the music they bring.

Hanging From The Ceiling” is from the EP “A Hot Second With The Velveteins

Furthermore if you want more info on this amazing band and their music.

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Finally, I want to thank this amazing band and their record label for a chance to listen to their music. I can honestly say I will keep on listening and enjoying their music.