Xavier Dunn

Artist: Xavier Dunn


Release date: 2016

Area: Australia

Top Tracks: The whole album (it’s 5 songs and they are all great) – He has covers from Iggy Azalea, A$ap Rocky and even the movie Grease.

Why? Because Xavier Dunn showcases his vocal capabilities masterfully and the arrangements for each cover is just perfection and just so pleasant to listen to. Each cover is so peaceful, yet so fun and filled with the energy provided by the original song and Xavier’s musical bravado and intelligent creativity. You can’t go wrong with this album (BIMYOU)and after this you will be fan of Xavier Dunn’s music. I promise or I’ll buy you a drink (I mean a $0.50 soda can – limited to 1, because there will only be one -there always is) if I ever meet you.

Be sure to follow him on Spotify, Pandora or just anywhere you can find his music. Again just TRUST ME ; he’s got a great variety of songs and his style is just so unique and it shows the hard work he put into each song plus the fun he had.

He currently has two new tracks that you can enjoy: “Scattered” and “Straight on till morning” – These are available for streaming on Spotify (which is where I discovered this amazing singer/songwriter). Or you can just follow him on SoundCloud.

For more you can follow him on: