“…I write in dark red ink …”

indie music
Surfing SandWaves

There is something pretty cool about the young acoustic alternative rap artist known as Surfing SandWaves. It’s strange how he mixes sounds that one couldn’t imagine together but somehow they just work so well and it blows your mind. There is something special in his music and verses, there is raw talent that is not afraid to test new things and to show people what he is capable of. And the current proof of that comes in the shape and form of “Red Ink”. Another great thing about him is the fact that the whole song is by him; all the beats, the guitar playing, the rhymes, all. Imagine what he can do if put in an scenario like Twenty One Pilots created for themselves; he could do some truly crazy creative things, even now by himself he is doing it, just image if he had a band backing him up. I am anxious to see what he will continue bringing in the future and I am thankful to him for sending his music my way, for picking me as one of the media to show his talent to my viewers which I am pretty sure will enjoy his music.

The story of “Red Ink”

” …As stated in the song, I write everything in Red Ink. My song notebook is filled up with thousands upon thousands of red words. I do this because it is a constant reminder to me of why I write songs.
The red I use isn’t just some bright red, it is dark to the point that it looks exactly like blood. In 2014 I had a near death experience skateboarding, and it’s a miracle that I am still alive. Blood, to me, represents the ability to fight and push through the pain. It’s a reminder that I am alive.
I tried to make the song as unique as I could. While experimenting with multiple genres, I always keep the song revolved around my acoustic guitar. When I started playing music 3 years ago, I only played guitar, so guitar holds a very important part in my music style.
I created this entire song by myself in my bedroom. I did every aspect of the song and music video, except filming. I wrote the song, recorded the song, mixed the song (60+ layers), mastered the song, wrote the storyboard for the video, and edited the video…”
By Surfing Sand Waves

Listen to the Red Ink EP