As soon as I heard “Habits” I was in love with it. The melody is just so beautiful, it irradiates a sense of peace and the lyrics are so well written that one wonders if Vintage Talk is an up and coming indie band or an established band that everyone knows and I am just finding out about. I love the harmony between the voices and how they intermingle with each without taking away from each voice’s unique quality, always respectful and supporting each other as they flow along from verse to verse. Everything from each instrument, to the voices, even to the artwork just goes along so right with Vintage Talk. They showcase a respect for their craft that is refreshing and so great to see in an up and coming indie band; it means that music is something they truly believe in and they truly wanted to not just a part of their lives but to be one of the marks they leave in this world and in people’s lives

This band might just turn listening great songs into a habit, I sure do hope so because the talent is completely there.

Not only is the song a must listen but to be honest the whole album is a must have. You can purchase it on iTunes or if you are into streaming music the album is also available in Spotify.

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