Band: Red on Red

Album: Providencia

Band Members:Bonnie (Vocals & Keys); Pablo (Guitar & Vocals);

Justin (Bass & Vocals); Andrew (Drums)

Release date: July 1, 2016

Region: Brisbane, Australia



There is something so magnificent about having a truly talented and powerful female lead singer in a band and then you make the band actually good and on top of that you sprinkle some well written lyrics and you know what you get? … you get Red on Red. They come from Australia and they are bringing great Alternative Rock straight to your ears and I love it and you will too.

There is something so hypnotizing, so powerful about each song in the album that one cannot help but fall in love with it, after a few listens you will find yourself singing along to Bonnie’s melodic and fiery voice. Plus your air guitar and air drums game better be on point to truly imagine yourself playing like Mike, Justin or Andrew and singing like Bonnie each and every song of Providencia.

Red on Red

The album is such a beautiful work of music, it shows so much passion and talent that you can’t help but become a fan of the band and aim to want to see them live (hopefully they travel back to the U.S. for some amazing gigs so I can see them live). The album has moments of true power and moments of serenity and moments of both mixed together that is just amazing. In every part of the album you feel a sense of honesty, of reality, of them that is refreshing to find and the fact that they can do this with such lyrics written by themselves shows music talent of the highest quality and a cohesion as a band that can take them anywhere and everywhere.

My favorite tracks are

  • Miss Understood
  • Thunder and Lighting
  • Long way to heaven
  • *the whole album is great but these are my top 3 tracks

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