Artist: Jerry Williams

Album: Cold Beer EP

Track List:

  1. Cold Beer
  2. Boy Oh Boy
  3. Bolt From The Blue
  4. Bump N’ Grind

Release Date: 2015

Portsmouth Native Jerry Williams is blessed (now, that’s how you start a post)… What do I mean by that? She has a unique voice that seems to blend beautifully with several styles of music and she has an ability to flow from note to note with such ease that it just seems unreal yet so magical. Her Cold Beer EP is unique, fresh and with just the right amount of fun that music should have. Plus she picked 4 songs that show many sides of her not only as a person but as a singer; they are stories for a modern generation, stories filled with her voice and her life.

Now do you believe me? Isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she great … the EP just turns you into an instant fan, an instant jerrywilliamsholic. You go from one end with  “Cold Beer” to the other with “Bump N’Grind” and you are just mesmerized by the beauty of her singing. Her voice has a certain originality and feeling that just works. My favorite song of the EP is “Boy Oh Boy” but in reality I love the whole EP. Plus her having some fun covering R. Kelly’s “Bump N’Grind” is a plus to not only the EP but to her as an artist, it shows the versatility I was talking about before. I see great things in her future, a lot of music, a lot of success and hopefully a great album.

Jerry Williams is currently in full force with her new single “Mother” .

Listen to it below