There is something about this young talented multi-instrumentalist that just hypnotizes anyone that listens to his music, I just can’t put my finger on what it is … I guess it must be that spark of genius that musicians like him posses. He is blessed by that muse called Music and he is showing that blessing to the world with his debut album: ‘Dopamine’. ‘Dopamine’ is just like “lighting in a bottle” – it’s eclectic, it’s electric, it’s just magical and a must have in any record collection. Lyrically it’s so well done, so well written and it just shows a massive amount of potential for growth in the future … and then you add the music and you just get songs with potential to become hits (every single one of them) ; that it’s just plain bizarre to see but so magnificent. Plus Børns has the long hair, the lean body, the walk of a star, the mystery in his eyes that just makes you wonder what he is thinking (maybe he is coming up with a new song or maybe he is just asking himself what to eat later … who knows? only he knows) and above all as I said before he is blessed by that ancient muse known to us mortals has Music (the one universal language of the world).

Album: Dopamine

Release year: 2015

Top Tracks: “Electric Love”, “American Money” & “10,000 Emerald Pools”

Listen to Electric Love below

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