You all know I tend to keep to some specific genres of music but every once in a while I listen to something new and amazing in other genres and I just have to write something about it. This time around I am jumping into the world of Metal, a genre I truly respect because of the technique one needs to have to play the instruments and to be able to control your voice in a manner that only those who sing in this genre know off. And the example of talent from this genre comes in the form of Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins self titled album.

Mike LePond is the bassist for progressive metal giants Symphony X and this album that I am reviewing is his baby, his solo project and a part of him. Man, does he set the bar high when it comes to new metal music, his songs are not just stories, they are epic tales that transport you to other worlds. The songs in the album could easily be anthems, they are so beautifully done, and the instruments match together just right and then you have the vocals and everything is just amazing.

The album is anger, peace, mythology and much more all wrapped in anthems that last from 3:30 minutes to 11 minutes. It truly takes you to the past but not being a copy of the good old metal but by having that essence, that rebellion and that capacity to turn a song into an epic story awaiting for the world to pay attention and listen. Plus there is something else about each song and that is as I mentioned before they truly transport you to another place, to another era, to a world of myths, legends and you.

If you are a fan of good metal music then this album is a must have, just listen to “Ragnarok” below and check out why I am telling you this.