Barns Courtney has been hard at work, he is not only constantly playing gigs and working on music but in between all of that he had the time to make his first official music video and it’s for his newest single Hands. Barns does not disappoint with this new song, like always his storytelling is on point and the lyrical and instrumental quality is just a match made in heaven. The song is different from “Fire” and “Glitter & Gold” but the powerful voice owned by Barns Courtney is there and the way he controls it makes you not miss the rhythm in the previous two songs but to embrace the uniqueness of “Hands” and to open your eyes and see that you are in front of an artist who aims to make each song capable of standing by itself, of being it’s own sound apart from the others in his repertoire.

The following piece of information (EP information) was found at NME official website

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Barns releases the ‘Hands’ EP on May 27. The tracklisting is:

1. Hands
2. Goodbye John Smith
3. Glitter and Gold (Zibra Remix)
4. Somebody to Love



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