Artist: Devil Pup

Album: Lonely in Bergen

Release date: February 2016

Recorded date: From 2009 – 2012

Devil pup reached out to me the last week of February and we starting exchanging information, I learned about his music and took a listen and found talent that if guided with maturity and seriousness it can certainly do something different. Before I start I will be honest, I am not that into instrumental music but I gave it a shot and found myself enjoying ‘Lonely in Bergen’ and humming the melodies of each song.

Lonely in Bergen is a great first step, but what truly makes it worth a listen is not only the ability to turn something that might not be everyone’s cup of tea into something enjoyable and relaxing and the main gift it left me with was listening to a glimpse of Devil Pup’s voice, it’s haunting and so well used, that to be honest if he gave it more of a space into his music it could take him to another level, maybe it’s lack of trust in himself, but I am here to tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of, let your voice out, let it intermingle with your guitar and the drums, let it be another instrument for your repertoire, they go so beautifully together my friend.

My personal favorites: “Atlas (Is waiting)”, “Lonely in Bergen”, “Midnight in Barcelona” and “Don Cesar”

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Behind (some of) the songs (and album title) by Devil Pup himself:
Atlas (Is Waiting…) – talks about the eagerness of wanting to travel around the world after finishing college.
Benny Loco was a college friend who I wrote music with, and Chris Francis was the drummer in ‘Rug’.
The Lee is the village in Buckinghamshire that I grew up in. That might actually be my favorite track on the album. The track depicts a childhood memory of mine — watching a sunrise over a field in the English countryside that I saw from my bedroom window when I was eight years old.
The album title itself, Lonely In Bergen, is actually pretty random. It was inspired by the music video for the song “Failure” by Kings of Convenience — another one of my favorite songs and artists.
Kings of Convenience, along with Steve Reich, were huge influences, and that is largely why Lonely In Bergen has a minimalist and ambient feel to it.