Tropical Space-Folk … Have you heard that sound? … I have and it sounds like… Bora Bora, a Chicago based band that is not afraid of mixing sounds, of mixing cultures, of creating and re-imagining different genres and creating their owntheir Tropical Space-Folk. I would highly recommend listening to their album while reading this EP review, it will make the ride more pleasant and relaxing while I tell you a little bit about Pássaro.

This year they came out with their second EP : Pássaro ; the follow up to their debut EP Pacifico. And after listening to both EPs and truly breathing in and enjoying both of them I can honestly say that I like where they are heading, I truly love the path they are taking. Me being a mix of races and cultures on my own, seeing music do that, a band create music that stirs something in me, that stirs a sense of pride, of love, of universality. They are a representation of how if different cultures, different stories, different languages work together, they can create something magnificent. They mixed the rhythms of Bossa Nova, Pop, vintage sounds, South American magic, some Chicago bravado and added some ethereal sounds and this, this creation is Bora Bora.

Pássaro is a pleasure to listen, each track, each melody is perfection on it’s own. The instruments match so perfectly with Paul Leonard’s melodic peaceful voice. Their original songs are so well written and executed plus their cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade into you” is beautifully executed and they put some Bora Bora into it making it feel theirs.